Meso-Scale Modeling --- The Key to Multi-Scale CFD Simulation


Meso-Scale Modeling --- The Key to Multi-Scale CFD Simulation


Advances in Chemical Engineering, 2011, 40, 1-58


Wei Wang*, Wei Ge, Ning Yang, Jinghai Li


Meso-scale structure is critical to characterize complex systems in chemical engineering. Conventional two-fluid model (TFM) without meso-scale modeling has proved to be inadequate for describing gas-solid flow systems featuring multi-scale heterogeneity. In this review, it is demonstrated that, based on the energy-minimization multi-scale (EMMS) model, the multi-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for gas-solid systems has reasonably accounted the effects of meso-scale structures and hence upgraded both computational efficiency and accuracy significantly. This approach has succeeded in predicting the circulating solids flux, revealing the mechanisms of the choking phenomena and resolving the disputes in transport phenomena of gas-fluidized beds. It has also been applied to a wide range of industrial processes including fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), coal combustion, and so on. In all, the multi-scale CFD with EMMS modeling is intrinsically multi-scaled, free from the requirement of clear scale separation, and it can be expected to be an emerging paradigm for the simulation of multiphase flows and reactors.


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