11-2019 21

Bridging Paradigm Shift in Science with Tackling Global Challenges

In recent years, paradigm shift in science gradually becomes a hot topic in the scientific community. Meanwhile, tackling global challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, and serious diseases is also quite urgent.However, these two aspects are often touched separately. For the former, discussions focus on general trends, and for the latter, more considerations are given to detailed issues. Unification of the two aspects could propel the two aspects in a synergistic way, and breakthroughs might be made more efficiently. The key is to find the bridge.
06-2019 26

A Call for Work in Mesoscience

Mesoscience proposes that complexity arises from an inevitable compromise between competing factors, such as different mechanisms striving for dominance. Mesoscience bridges bottom-up and top-down approaches through multi-objective optimisation under constraints.
05-2019 31

Mesoscience: Discovering the Unknowns between the Knowns

Over 30 top scientists from the USA, UK, Australia, China, et al. are teaming up in Beijing for a three-day meeting to focus on the future development and application of Mesoscience.
06-2019 20

Mesoscience: Peering into a Once Neglected World

Mesoscience places emphasis on mesoscale, a scale between the micro- and macro-scale, to identify spatiotemporal complex structures of complex systems that are widely investigated by scientists.
05-2019 31

Consensus Reached at the Mesoscience Conference

Scientists attending a latest mesoscience conference, The Preparatory Meeting of the International Panel of Mesoscience, call for more people to engage in the study, and to verify its generality with more case studies.
08-2019 19


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