Mesoscience in Cell Biology and Cancer Research


Mesoscience in Cell Biology and Cancer Research


Cancer Innovation, 2022, 1-14


Haili Qian, Adriana Sujey Beltran


Mesoscale characteristics and their interdimensional correlation are the focus of contemporary interdisciplinary research. Mesoscience is a discipline that has the potential to radically update the existing knowledge structure, which differs from the conventional unit‐scale and system‐scale research models, revealing a previously untouchable area for scientific research. Integrative biology research aims to dissect the complex problems of life systems by conducting comprehensive research and integrating various disciplines from all biological levels of the living organism. However, the mesoscientific issues between different research units are neglected and challenging. Mesoscale research in biology requires the integration of research theories and methods from other disciplines (mathematics, physics, engineering, and even visual imaging) to investigate theoretical and frontier questions of biological processes through experiments, computations, and modeling. We reviewed integrative paradigms and methods for the biological mesoscale problems (focusing on oncology research) and prospected the potential of their multiple dimensions and upcoming challenges. We expect to establish an interactive and collaborative theoretical platform for further expanding the depth and width of our understanding on the nature of biology. 


BY Haili Qian, Adriana Sujey Beltran
DATE 2021-09-03 11:24:49
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